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Looking back I do not understand why I chose Vball blue but it was probably due to frustration.The more soluble a molecule is, the higher it will migrate up the paper.Because purification of substances is required to determine their properties, chromatography is an indispensable tool in the sciences concerned with chemical substances and their reactions.

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The purpose of the experiment is to determine the specific types of pigments found in a beat leaf and in a spinach leaf by using paper chromatography and two solvents.The inks separated because the black ink was a mixture of different pigments with different molecular characteristics.However, it shows that the R f values are unmeasurable for the most part for the ink samples.

The stationary phase is the water trapped between the cellulose fibers of the paper.The solvent diffuses up the paper, dissolving the various molecules in the sample according to the polarities of the molecules and the solvent.

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Chromatography Lab Report. Students will graph and analyze data they collect using paper chromatography.

Washington DC. FBI. Forensic Analysis of Black Ballpoint Pen Inks Using Capillary Electrophoresis. Print.Title of Lab: Separation of Mixtures using Paper Chromatography Purpose(s) of Lab: Paper chromatography is a modern method used separate mixtures.Therefore, if the solvent is more polar, the ink will not travel as far due to the bonding that occurs.

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It is primarily used as a teaching tool, having been replaced by other chromatography methods, such as thin-layer chromatography.

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The initial chromatograph was carried out to understand how to run chromatography, to understand how to use R f values, to identify the components of substances such as Cheddar Cheese and Kool Aid, but most importantly to see that the ink samples are too difficult to measure with the polarity of the solution we used.

Then I picked Papermate red due to the light base onto a deep pink.Both Descending and Ascending Paper Chromatography are used for the separation of organic and inorganic substances.The first color of ink to appear on the filter paper was yellow followed by pink, red, purple then blue.Purpose To analyze and compare photosynthetic pigments from two different organisms. In this experiment, you will separate, by paper chromatography,.The upper part of Ascending Chromatography can be folded over a rod in order to allow the paper to become Descending after crossing the rod.The polarities were very polar but not so much to where they did not spread at all like my first chromatographs did.In this lab, we will be separating colored food dyes using salt.I noted the start and end of the spreading was light blue and the middle was the darkest.

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The observation that can be made with this one is that it is still too polar.Whatman chromatography paper,. experiments and data gathering done for the purpose of improving groundwater quality involve the.However, very few know that there is an optimum amount for each to ensure a healthy growth for plants.

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Looking at chromatographs six and seven, my first unknown was very clear.

After the testing was done, we each did one more test with different polarities that we thought would be better based on our first polarities.Other samples did move such as Pilot Vball black, Pilot Easy Touch blue, Bic red, Pilot Vball red, and Pilot Easy Touch red.Although, I tried to make determinations I failed on three out of the five samples.

In paper chromatography, substances are distributed between a stationary phase and a mobile phase.

It was determined by the Chris, Grei, Ryan and I, that the samples that should be used for standards to compare to our unknown samples were chromatograph 4 and chromatograph 5.To achieve best results and have the best chance to identify unknowns, the stationary phase must be as polar as possible without being just water.

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Materials The materials used for this lab are paper, pencil, eraser, filter paper, test tube, rubber stopper, paper clip, metric ruler, black felt-tip pen, and a computer.This time I made a solution of 8.0 polarity which consisted of 3 water and 1 ethanol.Paper chromatography is an inexpensive method for analyzing some types of chemical mixtures.Paper Chromatography is a really simple process to perform, and you can do lots of fun experiments right at home.