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A federal court decision ordered Central High School in Little Rock to begin integrating their schools in 1957.

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Living with one of the most famous people at that time most of had some affects upon him, and throughout the whole book, she only slightly mentioned him in little bits.In the book you go through the time period in which those nine students were sent into Central High School not knowing what to expect and barely coming out of there alive.Only HQ academic services provided by top professionals. 100% non-plagiarism guarantee of unique.

When finally allowed to enter the school (only after President Eisenhower sent in the respected 101st Airborne division to protect and ensure that no life threatening injuries were sustained) the nine of them faced horrible treatment by their fellow students and by their teachers.

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That year she had to due without a lot of the teenage things, once her friend Minnijean was expelled, she had no one to talk to, at home or at school.

None of them had any classes with each other and had to endure physical as well as emotional torture from everybody.

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Without her support and guidance to keep everybody sane, the year Melba spent in Central would have been the last for the family.

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Although I already knew how bad African Americans were treated during the period of adjustment, I just was not aware of the disregard the authorities that were hired to protect those individuals in danger had towards them.Throughout American history, there have been many incidents due to inequality in our nation.She got her heels stepped on between every class and was singed by the water when she tried to shower after gym class.

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As the year progressed, the nine students went through a great deal of suffering and torture, but all stayed strong.

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I do not know if she went to an integrated school (being in California-I believe it would be) or an all white or an all black school.At the end, they give you a 30 year look back upon what impacts that year had on those nine individuals that gave away their teenage years of happiness to help the country deal with that problem.

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The one flaw I found in the writing of the book was that by the middle of the book, the stories started to become redundant.Melba Pattillo Beals grew up in a family who all valued and knew the importance of education.That year Melba turned 16 and though that year she had nobody attend her party due to the fact that they were scared to come over to her house due to all the bomb threats everybody especially the Little Rock Nine were receiving.

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That is warriors don t cry essay why we offer revisions of you in no time.Back in slavery days in America, southern parts of the nation heavily relied on African American slavery for agriculture.He declared Central High off limits to all people of color in order for their own protection.

Although eventually she did happen to make a friend (Link) that helped her by telling her places to avoid, he could not be seen in public with her.Throughout her autobiography I discovered many new themes one such as never give up.

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She had all her clothes sprayed on by ink and she got her eyes sprayed with acid which caused her to have to wear glasses.The multicultural America persists throughout the history because of immigrants from all parts of the world.When Minnijean was expelled from school, for having poured chili on one of her attackers, they saw this as a possible means of getting rid of all of them.Dr. Lois Peyton Pattillo (Mother Lois)-Giving birth to a sick baby the same day that Pearl Harbor was bombed started the life of Melba Pattillo Beals.Therefore, we hold the plaintiffs and others similarly situated for whom the actions have been brought are, by reason of the segregation complained of, deprived of the equal protection of the laws guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment.I would recommend this book to others if I knew that they were interested in this subject.The book deals with all the problems the US had with the citizens accepting the civil right laws that were changing and what they had to do to make things work out.This went on all year and got even worse with the prospect of one of them getting to wear the same robe as them at graduation.